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Spectacular Ski Touring Adventures in the Pyrenees

Ski Touring Holidays in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees mountains are an unbeatable environment for a huge variety of ski touring adventures.

If you’re new to the addictive sport of back-country skiing you’ll appreciate the gentler undulating slopes of the central French Pyrenees where you can hone your skills in a beautiful and safe environment.

The more experienced ski tourer has the possibility of exploring higher, more dramatic and challenging terrain on both the French and Spanish sides of the Pyrenees mountains.

If you’re a regular skier who’s keen to get away from the hum and mechanisation of the ski resorts, ski touring is what you’ve been looking for.

It’s a great physical workout, a sustainable activity for which you rely on nothing but your own two legs to take you to some beautiful and untouched areas of winter wonderland.

Ski Touring Pic Aneto

A challenging guided ski tour adventure to Pic Aneto and Pic Posets, the highest peaks in the Pyrenees ...
Feb – Apr

Women’s Introduction to Ski Touring Course

An introduction to ski touring course in the Pyrenees for women skiers who want to learn how to safely ski in the back-country ...
March – April
7 days