It’s been a tough 12 months for travel lovers and for those who work in the travel sector. But finally things are looking up. The international travel situation is ever-changing. But now is as good a time as any to give you an update on travelling to France from the UK and what to expect

2020 – that was the year that was. Quite what it was, I’ll leave you to decide. But for us, despite the obvious challenges, the year wasn’t all doom and gloom. On the contrary, there have actually been a fair few positives in the Pyrenees over the past 12 months. Here are our top picks!

Thanks to C-19, resort skiing is on the back-burner, at least for the early part of the 2020/21 winter season. But don’t despair. If you love skiing and can’t do without your annual ski fix, then learning how to ski the backcountry (also known as ski touring) is the next best thing. What is ski

Over 15% of the world’s population live in a mountain environment. The world’s mountains provide freshwater for everyday life to half of humanity and one third of plant species are found there. Yet this precious environment is under threat not only from climate change but from man’s influence too. In order to raise awareness of

Travel insurance is absolutely essential for any holiday taken abroad. But the unprecedented C-19 pandemic has thrown the insurance sector into disarray which has seriously impacted overseas travel. If you’re based in the UK, your travel plans this summer will have been at the mercy of the UK government’s erratic and unpredictable travel advice. Travel

Over recent years there has been a huge surge in awareness of climate change and the impact of our actions on the environment. Ski resorts have come under fire for their often energy guzzling lift network and impact of the resorts on the precious mountain landscapes. So maybe it’s time to consider ideas for a

We know how much you enjoy hearing about all things bear-related, so today we’re introducing you to Adrien, our local expert brown bear guide who will accompany you on some fascinating bear-related experiences in the Pyrenees mountains and foothills. Adrien is a nature guide and works for Pays de l’Ours ADET. They’re a non-profit association

European countries have now reopened their internal borders to leisure travellers. In addition, at the end of June, the UK government is expected to shelve the current quarantine restrictions in favour of air corridors to ‘safe’ destinations. This means the barriers to your much anticipated adventure holiday in the Pyrenees are gradually being lifted –

** UPDATED 15th JUNE 2020 ** The holiday season is rapidly approaching and you’ll no doubt be wondering whether the current pandemic will thwart your plans for your much needed summer adventure holiday in the Pyrenees. Covid-19 and travel plans Obviously none of us have a crystal ball and we’re in an ever-changing situation, especially

The modern world is a stressful place and the average person’s lifestyle does nothing for their mental health. It’s all about instant gratification and transient pleasures these days as we scroll left and right on our mobiles and tablets, waiting for something to catch our eye before we pause, just for a moment, and then