6 nights,5 days

A comprehensive nature and photography course in the Pyrenees

INCLUDED 6 nights half board
5 days photography tuition
5 packed lunches
All local transfers
NOT INCLUDED Flights Personal insurance
OPTIONS Airport transfer from Toulouse or Tarbes

About this photography course

Release your creative potential on this unique and comprehensive nature and photography course which is also a complete immersion into the diverse environment and ecosystems of the Pyrenees.

Do you wish you could take photos like those in the Photo tab above? That’s the aim by the end of this photography course!

The course is for amateur photographers of all levels who’re looking to improve the full range of photography skills. If there’s a specific skill you’d like to work on then just say and it will be taken into account.

Over the course of five days you’ll explore both the French and Spanish sides of the Pyrenees chain and learn to capture their breathtaking beauty.

You’ll discover the lush forests of the Baronnies and the limestone river gorges of the Monte Perdido, the stunning high mountain lakes of the Neouvielle Natural Park and the rivers and waterfalls of the Rioumajou valley.

Capture the unique beauty of the night sky and capture the Milky Way in all its untainted by light pollution glory. Then at the other extreme, you’ll learn how to get the perfect shot of mountain flora as you work on your macro photography skills.

About your photography course instructor

Jean Gabriel has 18 years experience as a photography instructor in the central Pyrenees. Not only that but he is also a qualified hiking guide and an expert in the botany and ecosystems of the Pyrenees.

He’ll use his expert local knowledge and experience to take you to the best locations at the best times of day to ensure you secure the best shots possible.

Oh, and he speaks fluent English too!

What you’ll learn on this photography course

This nature and photography course is wide-ranging and comprehensive. You’ll be in a small group which will enable your instructor to give you some highly personal tuition on subjects that matter to you.

You’ll learn how to compose your image from conception to execution on a huge variety of subjects.

Learn about framing your image, depth of field, time lapse and how to hone in on that detail that will enable you to take the perfect shot.

By the end of this photography course you’ll be on your way to developing your own photographic and artistic style thanks to the huge inspiration available in the diverse environment of the Pyrenees.

Photography course equipment list

To get the most out of this nature and photography course you’ll ideally have the following equipment.

  • DSLR camera
  • Wide angle or super wide angle lens
  • Tripod
  • Neutral density filter (x64 or equivalent)
  • Graduated neutral density filter
  • Polarising filter
  • 2 memory cards
  • At least 3 spare batteries
  • Battery charger!
  • Lens cleaning cloths

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