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French Pyrenees

A stress free family adventure holiday in the Pyrenees

INCLUDED Flexible accommodation
A tailor made itinerary
Restaurant recommendations
Flexible activity points
In-country support
Local information
NOT INCLUDED Flights Car hire

Are you a busy mum or dad with no time to research and book all the elements you need for a stress free summer holiday for your adventure-loving family?

Give yourself a break and entrust all of that planning and organisation to the local experts in the Pyrenees mountains!

Our super flexible, tailor made multi activity holiday (as featured in the Guardian) is packed full not only of fun adventures but also plenty of relaxation time for family bonding and chilling out.

Read what goes on behind the scenes to make this your ‘best family holiday EVER’!

About the activities

The range of outdoor adventure activities available in the central Pyrenees is huge and there really is something for everybody.

The fun starts in May when the river sports season kicks off. Adrenaline junkies can challenge themselves rafting, canoeing, kayaking, river-boarding and canyoning in the snow melt swollen rivers that flow down from the high mountains.

Then there’s rock climbing, via ferrata, off-road scooter, caving and paragliding and all of the following fun-filled activities to enjoy. See the Activity Points tab above to see which activities are available in what months.

Night in a refuge
Huskie Activities
River Boarding
River Rafting
Tree Climbing
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Mountain Biking
Bear Experiences
High Ropes Adventures
Lake Kayaking
River Walking
Offroad Scooter
Via Ferrata
Horse Riding
River Kayaking
Rock Climbing
Offroad Segway
Walking Experiences

Choose a week long multi activity adventure holiday and we’ll usually include 9 activity points in the package price. You can exchange these for a whole range of exciting activities – See the tab above. You think you’ll need more points? No problem, you can purchase additional points if you wish.

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun-filled summer multi activity holiday with your adventurous children or a group of mates wanting an action-packed adventure short break together, we’d be delighted to create a fully flexible multi activity holiday that ticks all your boxes.

What’s more, you don’t even have to all do the same activities. That’s the beauty of our fully flexible activity points system. Pool the points and share them out amongst the family so everybody is happy.


Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t tie you into any particular accommodation. After all, everybody has different tastes and different budgets.

Whether you’d prefer to stay in a mobile home or chalet on a 4* campsite, a self-catering property in a mountainside hamlet, a cosy B&B or even a 3* hotel in town, our tailor made family adventure holiday is designed around you.

We’ll ask you to provide us with your preferences on the enquiry form which is on the right hand side of this page on desktop but keep scrolling for the form on mobile. We’ll get back to you pronto with some accommodation options and prices for your holiday.

Additional services

Not only do we do all of the organisation of your family adventure holiday in the Pyrenees but we also make recommendations on other local experiences that we think you may enjoy.

We can arrange for you to visit the family farm at which goats cheese is produced and where you can see the milking process and taste the cheeses too.

We’ll give you information about the falconry centre where you can see amazing birds of prey stretching their wings and we’ll also introduce you to local specialities such as tree cake which you can see being made in the traditional way.

We’ll make recommendations for the best family friendly restaurants at which you’ll eat local dishes prepared with love from local and seasonal produce.

To top it all, an on site holiday manager is available throughout your family adventure holiday to ensure you really do have the best family holiday ever. It’s all part of our 5* rated service!

Summer Multi Activity Holiday Points

Choose a 7 night multi activity family adventure holiday and we’ll include 9 activity points per person in your package. If you book a 2 week holiday we will include 14 points. If you’re looking for a short break or long weekend then we’ll include anything from 4 to 6 points per person.

You can exchange those points for a whole host of fun and action-packed activities which we will arrange into your own personal action-packed family adventure holiday!

A Night in a Refuge
Bear Experiences
High Ropes Adventures Horse Riding
Huskie Activities Lake Kayaking Pedalos
River Boarding
River Kayaking
River Rafting
River Walking
Rock Climbing
Tree Climbing
Offroad Scooter
Offroad Segway
Stand Up Paddleboarding Via Ferrata Walking Experiences
Mountain Biking

We won’t need your choices until around 8 weeks before your holiday.

Good to know …… You can pool your points and don’t all have to to the same activities! How’s that for flexibility!

Venasque mountain refuge French PyreneesA Night in a Refuge

Enjoy a good hike to a mountain refuge in a beautiful setting and enjoy a hot meal with your fellow hikers and a bed for the night too. Children aged 7+ will enjoy this experience if they don’t mind walking for 2+ hours.

We have two mountain refuges at which you can stay, one more easily accessible than the other!

Available mid  June to mid September

Adult Half Board 2 Points Take the dinner, bed and breakfast option and enjoy an evening meal prepared by the refuge staff from local, seasonal produce.

Note that facilities are generally basic up in the mountains and you’ll sleep in dormitory style accommodation. Hot showers may be available for an additional charge.

Child 8-18 HB 1.5 Points Children benefit from a reduced HB rate.
Adult Full Board 2.5 Points The FB option also includes a packed lunch the next day. This is the best option if you are planning to spend the day hiking in the mountains around the refuge
Child 8-18 FB 2 Points Young children benefit from a reduced FB rate.

Bear Experiences Pyrenees bear tracking experience

Around 80 brown bears are now living in the mountains of the central Pyrenees.

We work with local bear experts who will enable you to learn all about these fascinating animals. Older children will enjoy the full day experience deep in bear territory!

Available May to September

Bear Tracking Experience 3 Points A full day from 07h30-17h00 in the company of a local qualified and English-speaking bear expert, when you’ll head deep into bear territory to look for their tracks and signs of their presence.

The hiking is rough and includes 700m of climbing so good fitness is required on what will be a demanding but rewarding outing.

This is a unique hands on experience on which you’ll learn about the bears direct from the local experts.

Points are based on 3 people in your group.

Suitable for fit, active children aged 12+.

1/2 Day Learn About the Bears 1 Point A morning (09h-13h30) in the company of a local bear expert on gentler terrain that the bears have been known to frequent.

You’ll learn about the reintroduction of the bears to the Pyrenees, about their habitat, their eating habits, reproduction, hibernation and the efforts being made to ensure man and bear can live in harmony.

The walking is not technically difficult although there are some steep sections, so bring your hiking legs.

This experience is suitable for children aged 7+.

Canyoning on a family adventure holidayCanyoning

Canyoning options range from short river gorges to introduce you to the sport right up to day long technical canyoning descents for adults only.

You’ll obviously need to know how to swim and, for the bigger canyons, previous experience of rope work such as abseiling is an advantage.

Available May to early September

Introduction to Canyoning 1.5 Points The introductory canyoning descents take no longer than 1h30 and include natural slides, short abseils as well as jumps into rock pools up to 2m deep.

This activity is suitable for children aged 7+ who are able to swim.

1/2 Day  Canyoning 2 Points A descent of the lower section of the Oô river gorge near Luchon includes a good stiff 20 minute walk up to to the jump in point.

The river gorge has numerous abseils, a Tyrolean traverse, slides and jumps into pools from heights of between 4 and 9 metres. All this will take you between 2h and 2h30.

This canyoning experience is suitable for children aged 12+.

1 Day Family Canyoning 2.5 Points Enjoy a full day out and drive over the border into Spain to discover the fabulous Miraval limestone river gorge. The beautiful drive there will take around 1h45 from Luchon but it’s all part of the adventure!

This experience is open to all abilities as none of the numerous jumps (some from a height of 10m!) and slides are obligatory. The descent has no technical difficulties.

This canyoning outing is suitable for children aged 10+.

1 Day Intermediate Canyoning 2.5 Points You need good fitness for this demanding 3-4 hour full descent of the Oô river gorge near Luchon.

The outing starts with an easy 1h walk up a track and then path to the picturesque Oô lake where you’ll enjoy a relaxed picnic lunch before getting into your wetsuits to start your descent.

Abseils down waterfalls, jumps and slides into deep pools and even Tyroleans, this comprehensive canyoning experience is reserved for those aged 16+ who are fit and confident in the water.

Cave explorations on a summer multi activity holidayCaving

Explore the fantastic underground world of the limestone cave systems in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Marvel at stalactites and stalagmites and a whole range of limestone features as well as surprising animal and plant life in the caves.

Available May to September

1/2 Day Intro to Caving 1.5 Points This introduction to caving is open to everybody, has no technical difficulties and is of course practicable in all weathers!

The only proviso is that larger people may struggle with some of the narrow passages.

This activity is suitable for children aged 5+.

High ropes family adventures in PyreneesHigh Ropes Adventure Courses

From a whole day at an extensive adventure park with its huge variety of ground and aerial based activities to a session in a river gorge on a guided, graded circuit of crossings, via ferrata and tyroleans, we have some great options in the area for families with kids from as young as 3!

Contact us for availability periods

1 Day Pass to the Adventure Park 1 Point With over 220 aerial and 20 ground based activities the adventure park is a great day out for all.

Tyrolean traverses, cargo nets, pedal cart and biking circuits, giant slides, cable bridges, climbing… whichever course you do, the activities get progressively more difficult in order to continually challenge you.

For a small extra charge, the bravest may choose to the free jump onto the massive inflatable mattress or fling yourself down the giant Tyrolean!


2h00+ Guided Adventure Circuit 1.5 Points Adventurous children as young as 8 years will enjoy the guided Blue, Red and Black circuits up the Moudang River gorge.

The black is a challenging circuit which includes a big Tarzan rope swing, 800m of tyrolean up to 40m above the gorge and gorge crossings up to 40m long. Strength and courage required!

Check out this video of the Blue circuit!

Horse riding Pyrenees family adventure holidayHorse Riding

Horse riding is a lovely way to see something of the Pyrenees foothills and mountains. Choose from an introductory 2h ride alongside rivers and through valley meadows or maybe a longer ride to explore the higher mountains and cols. You’ll learn about the local breeds of horse and the basics of looking after them too.

Available April to October

Horse Ride for Novices 2.5 Points This is the perfect introduction to horse riding.

Your instructor will introduce you to the basic skills of horse riding such as preparing your horse for the ride and putting on the harness and saddle.

You’ll then head down the valley for a picturesque ride on flat tracks and trails before returning to the riding school where you’ll take off the tack and give your horse a brush before releasing them back outside.

The experience will take between 2h and 2h30.

Suitable for children aged 7+.

Horse Ride for Non-Novices 3 Points If you have previous horse riding experience and are happy trotting and cantering, then we have a couple of stables at which you can enjoy a ride out on some of the quiet paths and tracks of the Pyrenees mountains and foothills with a riding instructor.

Suitable for children aged 12+.

Full Day Horse Riding Experience 4.5 Points Experienced horse riders who are already used to long hours in the saddle will love these day treks which provide a great opportunity to discover the full beauty of the Pyrenees foothills and mountains.

With 6+ hours in the saddle, this is a grand day out. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced local guide and will head off the beaten track along little explored paths, up cooling rivers and onto mountain ridges. It’s a wonderful horse riding experience.

Note that min numbers may be required for these points to apply.

Hiking with huskiesHuskie Activities

Who says huskies are just for the winter!

These dogs are full of energy and need outings year round in order to maintain their health and fitness

You can be a part of this by going on a small group hike in the mountains with the dogs (cani rando), riding in an adapted sledge on wheels (cani kart) or even an offroad scooter outing with the dogs (cani trott)!

Available May to October

1/2 Day Cani-Rando 1.5 Points On this guided walk in a mountain environment, you’ll learn all about the huskie breed, their pack behaviour and also the different breeds of huskies.

The dog’s elastic lead will be attached to a belt that you’ll wear around your waist and you’ll walk hands free.

You’re sure to appreciate the dog’s efforts as you’re aided up the inclines!

Open to all ages who enjoy walking.

30 Minute Cani-Kart 1.5 Points 10-12 dogs will be attached to an adapted wheeled cart which can take up to 2 adults and 2 children whose total weight must not exceed 200 kgs.

The musher will then drive the dogs on a 30 minute excursion along mountain tracks.

1.5 points pp based on 4 people (2 adults and 2 children under 12 years).
2 points pp for 3 people.

For families of 5 or more, 2 carts will be required and 2 points per person will apply.

1h30 Cani-Trott 3.5 Points A unique experience with the huskies!

With four huskies putting in the effort you won’t have to do any work on your offroad tricycle scooter as you spend 1h30 exploring the tracks and trails around the col de Peyragudes in the company of your expert instructor.

Suitable for children aged 14+.

Lake Kayaking Lake kayaking in the Pyrenees

Hire a 1 to 3 person kayak and spend a couple of hours on the stunning Lac de Génos in the Louron Valley surrounded by breath-taking views of the high mountains.

The boats are unsinkable and easy to manoeuvre, so take your time and paddle as far as you wish!

Available July and August

1h30 Single Person Canoe Kayak Outing 1 Point Solo kayaks are available for adults and children aged 10+.
1h30 Two or Three Person Kayak Outing 1 Point Total Hire a 2 or 3 person canoe and share the paddling.

Suitable for children aged 5+.

Note points are for the kayak and not per person.


What family doesn’t enjoy mucking about in a pedalo which can take up to four people.

Take it in turns to pedal and see how long it takes you to reach the end of the  beautiful Lac de Génos at Loudenvielle!

Available July and August

1h30 Pedalo Hire 1 Point Enjoy some family time pedalling the pedalo on the beautiful lake at Loudenvielle.

The points are per pedalo and not per person

Children from 5 years of age can enjoy this activity. Life jackets are provided and are obligatory for children under 8 years.

Riverboarding Hydrospeed river fun on a multi activity holiday

Riverboarding is a fun riversport for confident swimmers.

It can be a challenging and adrenalin-fuelled activity, especially in early summer when the rivers are super-charged with snow melt!

Available June to August

Intro to Riverboarding 2 Points The introduction to riverboarding session is great fun for confident swimmers. On your 1h30 descent, you may cross small weirs and mini rapids where the river narrows.

This activity is suitable for children aged 14+ who have good upper body strength.

1/2 day Riverboarding Descent 3 Points For maximum adrenalin, your descent of the river Garonne from Bossost in Spain will be timed to coincide with the release of water from the hydroelectric reservoirs up river. Hold onto your riverboard and go with the flow!

This descent which requires a sustained effort is for strong, confident swimmers aged 15+ who ideally have previous river-boarding experience.

Paragliding in the PyreneesParagliding

Spectacular views are guaranteed on the tandem paragliding experiences although flights are obviously subject to weather conditions.

Available May to September

Tandem Paragliding 4 Points Spectacular views guaranteed on a tandem paragliding flight with a professional instructor.

You’ll have around 20 minutes in the air and will get the chance to take control of your paraglider too if you wish!

Tandem paragliding is open to all ages from 5+.

Learn to Paraglide Experience 5.5 Points A 30-40 minute flight learning basic paragliding skills with an experienced and professional English-speaking instructor.

Kayaking on the river PyreneesRiver Kayaking

Kayaking on the picturesque Garonne river is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Choose a 1 or 2 person canoe kayak and then after a briefing from your instructor you’ll set off down the river. Stop off en route for a picnic!

Available July and August

2h+ River Kayaking 1 Point for a solo kayak

1 Point pp for duo kayak

On this self-guided river kayaking experience you’ll paddle on the Garonne river from the foothills village of Valcabrère through to Montrejeau.

It’s a lovely stretch of river, not perfectly flat and with a few interesting faster, more turbulent sections

Take your time and stop off en route for a picnic lunch. A minibus transfer will collect you from the end point and return you back to base.

Children aged 12+ can hire a single person kayak.

The river kayaking experience is open to children aged 8+

River rafting family adventure holidayRiver Rafting

River rafting is fantastic fun for families and also groups of mates, especially in the springtime when the snowmelt swells the rivers.

In the peak summer months water releases from hydroelectric facilities make for action-packed descents on certain sections of river!

Available mid May to end of August

1/2 day Rafting or Inflatable Canoe 2 Points An outing on the Garonne river which flows down from the Aran Valley in Spain is great fun for all the family.

From sporting descents that are timed to coincide with releases from up-river hydroelectric facilities to gentler outings further down river or on the calmer Neste river are all possible.

We will advise you on the best option for your family.

Rafting is suitable for children aged 6+

River walking on a multi activity holidayRiver Walking

River walking is a great way to cool off in the heat of the summer months.

Your guide will choose the river according to conditions on the day.

Available July and August

1/2 Day River Walking Experience 1 Point Your local guide will select the best river course for your outing taking into account water levels and the group composition. You can expect to be in the river for around 2h30.

The points indicated apply for 4 or more people. For smaller groups, the activity will be 1.5 points.

This activity is suitable for children aged 7+ who can swim.

Young children will be provided with a wetsuit to wear and you’ll all be provided with a pair of Neoprene ‘socks’ to protect your feet in your trainers.

rock climbing family adventure holidayRock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic challenge for adults and children alike.

Attached to a rope you’ll learn to solve the puzzle of working your way up a rock face using hand and foot placements before being lowered off from the top.

Available May to October

1/2 Day Guided Rock Climbing 1.5 Points On the 1/2 day activity you’ll learn all about the equipment needed to climb up a rock face and how to tie the specific knots that will attach the rope to your harness.

You’ll learn how to belay for each other and then enjoy the challenge of making your way up the rock using natural hand and foot holds.

You’ll get a huge sense of achievement when you reach the top and will soon forget all about how high up you are.

The points per person indicated apply for 3 or more people. For 2 people, 2.5 points per person will apply.

Rock climbing is suitable for children aged 6+.

Tree climbing family adventuresTree Climbing

Go tree climbing on your multi activity adventure holiday and rediscover your inner little monkey! Great fun for all the family.

Available July and August

1/2 Day Guided Tree Climbing 1 Point On this group activity you’ll learn basic rock climbing techniques and apply them as you climb up into the trees. You’ll be securely attached to a rope at all times.

Play on the Tyrolean traverse, challenge your balance on the slackline in the tree canopy, let yourself go on the rope swing. Kids young and old will love tree climbing!

The tree climbing experience is suitable for children aged 6+

Offroad scooter in the PyreneesOffroad Scooter

The offroad scooter is a cross between a scooter and a mountain bike and may be equipped with suspension for a smoother ride.

You’ll explore the paths and tracks that descend from either one of the local ski resorts or from a picturesque mountain col on a fun half day with the family.

Available May to October

2h00 Offroad Scooter 2 Points From your meeting point in the valley floor you’ll head up to the starting point where your instructor will give you a good briefing before you head off on your scooters, using roads, paths and tracks to reach the valley below.

You’ll stop for plenty of photo opportunities along the way

Children need to be a minimum of 135 cms to do this activity.

Offroad Segway Offroad Segway in the Pyrenees

The all-terrain Segway is a self-stabilising electric scooter with two parallel wheels which works via a system of very sophisticated gyroscopes and sensors to give you perfect balance. It’s really easy to learn!

They have chunky tyres for great offroad grip and enable you to go uphill with no effort at all!

You need to weigh a minimum of 45kgs to safely use the Segway.

Available May to October

3h Offroad Segway 3 Points This half day outing is a great way to explore the fabulous tracks that go off from the picturesque Port de Bales with it’s breathtaking views of the high mountains including Pic Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees.

You’ll meet your instructor at the parking area where he’ll give you a briefing on how to use the Segway using your body position to move forwards and backwards.

Helmets are provided.

This activity is suitable for children aged 13+ who weigh over 45kgs.

Stand Up Paddleboarding  SUP Lac de Genos

Hire a paddleboard and take in the incredible mountain views from the picturesque Lac de Génos

This is without doubt one of those activities that is so good for both body and soul!

Available July and August

1h30 Stand Up Paddleboard 1 Point You can paddleboard standing up, on your knees or even sitting down with your legs in the water if you wish. There are no rules.

The boards provided are very stable and suitable for novices.

The SUP is open to children aged 12+.

Via ferrata on Pyrenees summer adventure holidayVia Ferrata

Via ferrata means iron path in Italian. It is a mountain climbing route which consists of anchors such as steel cables and rungs, steps and wooden walkways. Wearing a rock climbing harness, you affix yourself to the guide cable and make your way up and along the rock face.

Via ferrata is a great adventure for those with a head for heights. It’s a real challenge suitable for children of 12+. The incredible views and sense of achievement you will get on completing the route makes the effort worthwhile.

Available July and August

Self-guided Via Ferrata 1 Point A minimum of 2 people will be required for this self-guided via ferrata course which will take 2h00 to 3h00 to complete.

It’s classed as intermediate and is a great challenge for anybody with a head for heights.

An instructor will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and brief you on the techniques required to complete the via ferrata circuit. Then it’s over to you!

This via ferrata is suitable for children aged 12+.

Accompanied Via Ferrata 2 Points If you’d prefer added reassurance, the above via ferrata can also be done with a guide.
Guided Via Ferrata 3 Points You will need a certain level of fitness and definitely a head for heights for this guided via ferrata across the border in the Aran valley in Spain, 45 mins from Luchon.

It involves a good walk in and may take up to 3h to complete. The course has two sections and there is a get out after the first one for those who don’t want to push themselves further.

Minimum numbers may be required for the points indicated to apply.

This via ferrata is suitable for children aged 14+.

Glorious views hiking the Freedom TrailWalking Experiences

Explore the beauty and grandeur of the Pyrenees mountains on a self-guided or guided walk, discovering the rich mountain heritage, culture, flora and fauna of the mountain environment.

There is walking for all abilities and the mountain views will take your breath away.

Available April to October

1 Day Guided Hiking 3 Points A full day of mountain hiking, adapted to your level, in the company of an expert local guide is the best way to explore off the beaten path and to discover the remarkable flora and fauna of the central French Pyrenees.

Discover the environment of the brown bear in the Pyrenees, see chamois and red deer and maybe even catch a glimpse of the Lammergeier or the Egyptian vulture in the skies above you.

A minimum of 3 people are required for the points indicated to apply.

Family Wildlife Walk 7 Points Total A morning walk in the mountains with an expert local guide to spot the whistling marmots and other mountain wildlife.

Look to the skies and you may be lucky enough to spot the rarest vulture in Europe, the bearded vulture, and maybe even eagles too!

This outing will be private, just for your family, and is suitable for children aged 6+.

Pyrenees family mountain biking PyreneesGuided Mountain Biking

In the company of an expert local mountain biking guide you won’t need to worry about getting lost!

From easy family friendly MTB descents (but not for complete beginners) to full day enduro style mountain biking extravaganzas, we can offer guided mountain biking experiences for all abilities.

The bikes as well as the necessary protection (helmets, elbow and knee pads, body armour for Enduro) will be provided by the MTB school.

2h00 Easy Guided MTB 2 Points Your MTB guide will take you on some easy paths, tracks and trails from the Peyragudes ski resort back down to the Louron Valley. Great views assured!

Suitable for children aged 8+. Participants must have previous mountain biking experience.

3h00 Enduro Descent 3.5 Points From the Peyragudes ski resort you can look forward to around 1400m of descent back down to the Louron valley.

Suitable for children aged 14+ who’re intermediate level mountain bikers and not afraid of steep terrain. Some of the riding does require good technical skills.

3h00 E-MTB Experience 4 Points Let the battery of the e-MTB take the effort out of the climbs on this 3h guided outing which will enable you to discover stunning mountain scenery and charming mountain villages in and around the Louron valley.

Suitable for children aged 10+ who have previous mountain biking experience.

Self-Guided Mountain Biking

Self-guided mountain biking in the Pyrenees

Hire a bike and head out to explore the numerous way-marked MTB tracks and trails under your own steam.

From rigid hardtails to full suspension enduro and even electric mountain bikes and children’s bikes, our bike hire partners have a bike for you.

We’ll throw in route advice and maps of the local trails so the fun dial is set to max!

1/2 Day Hardtail MTB Hire 1.5 points Hire a hardtail XC mountain bike for half a day and explore the way-marked and graded tracks and trails of the beautiful Louron valley.

There are trails in the Louron valley suitable for children as young as 6 years.

1 Day Hardtail MTB Hire 2.5 Points Same as above but a full day’s hire.
1 Day Full Suspension MTB Hire 3 Points The full suspension mountain bikes are a whole different experience if you are keen to explore the more technical singletrack of the area. Only advised for experienced mountain bikers.
1 Day Full Suspension e-MTB Hire 3 Points Go higher and further thanks to the battery on your full suss e-MTB which will swallow those climbs!
1/2 Day Full Suspension e-MTB Hire 2.5 Points As above but for half a day’s hire
1 Day Children’s e-MTB hire 2.5 Points Electric mountain bikes are available for children aged 10+. They’ll soon be hooked!
1 Day Adult Hybrid Bike Hire 1.5 Points Hire a hybrid bike and follow the marked cycle route all the way down the valley, stopping for a picnic by the river Garonne along the way.

If you don’t fancy the ride back, a transfer can be arranged for a small extra fee.

1 Day Children’s Hybrid Bike Hire 1 Point You can hire a children’s bike with 20″ or 24″ wheels too.
Smiles after river canyoning fun
Canyoning on a summer multi activity holiday
Canyoning fun Pyrenees
Family fun river canyoning in the French Pyrenees
River canyoning in the French Pyrenees
Smiles after river canyoning fun
Early summer river canyoning in the Pyrenees
Family holiday canyoning fun in France
Multi activity holiday fun canyoning
Test your balance and nerve tree climbing
Pendulum swing on a multi activity holiday
Enjoy tree climbing on an adventure holiday in France
Tree climbing on a French adventure holiday
Testing nerve tree climbing
Tree climbing in the Pyrenees
Balancing on the slackline tree climbing
Having fun Pyrenees tree climbing
Climbing up a tree
Children love caving on a family activity holiday
Cave explorations on a summer multi activity holiday
Caving in the French Pyrenees
Hydrospeed river fun on a multi activity holiday
Summer adventure holiday hydrospeed fun
Enjoying the river on a summer holiday
Sumer adventure holiday river fun
Fun in a hotdog on a river adventure
Try via ferrata on a summer multi activity holiday
Kids of all ages test themselves on via ferrata
Heading on up the via ferrata in the Pyrenees
Via ferrata in the French Pyrenees
Summer multi activity holiday via ferrata fun
Via ferrata in the French Pyrenees
Preparing for beginner rock climbing in the Pyrenees
Rock climbing on a summer multi activity holiday
Gutsy girls enjoy rock climbing in the Pyrenees
Kids problem solving while rock climbing
Made it to the top eock climbing in the French Pyrenees
Working out the moves rock climbing in the Pyrenees
Kids love rock climbing in the Pyrenees
Concentrating whilst rock climbing in the French Pyrenees
Even mums enjoy rock climbing in the French Pyrenees
Children try rock climbing on a summer adventure holiday
Beginners rock climbing
Pyrenees rock climbing summer multi activity holiday
Paragliding in the Louron Valley
Preparing for Paragliding take off in Pyrenees
Paragliding near Massat in Ariege Pyrenees
Paragliding in the Ariege Pyrenees
Offroad scootering
Tentative start
Great views on the offroad scooter
Posing with offroad scooter
Offroad scooter going past tipis
Taking a break offroad scootering
All smiles after offroad scootering
Having fun on a high ropes Pyrenees adventure course
On the high ropes adventure course in French Pyrenees
Preparing for the tyrolean travers high ropes adventures
Testing balance on a high ropes adventure course
Tyrolean crossing on high ropes adventure course
Tons of fun at the high ropes adventure centre near Luchon
River rafting guides in the Pyrenees
All smiles after river rafting in the Pyrenees
Running the rapids river rafting in the Pyrenees
Adrenaline fuelled river rafting Pyrenees
The Garonne river in the Pyrenees
River rafting on the Garonne river in the Pyrenees
River rafting in the Spanish Pyrenees
Family river rafting in the Pyrenees
Venasque refuge Pyrenees
Family hiking Benasque valley Pyrenees
Views of Pic Aneto hiking Pyrenees
Cloud inversion hiking Pyrenees
Hiking to Port de Venasque Pyrenees
Stand up paddle boarding in the Pyrenees
Family fun SUP in the Pyrenees
Tranquil moment SUP Pyrenees
SUP and lake kayaking Pyrenees
Family fun SUP Pyrenees
Adventures with kids Lac de Genos
Incredible views lake kayak Pyrenees
Kayaking on the beautiful Garonne river

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29th August 2020

Simply the best holiday ever! Penny was brilliant from start to finish, taking all the stress out of the planning and making possible a set of activities that we’d never have managed to organise on our own. Most unusual: walking with huskies; kids’ top choice: hair-raising leaps into a mountain torrent (aka canyoning).

Penny’s recommendations for everything from our accommodation and mix of activities through to what we might do in our free time (and which specials to choose on which menus!) were truly top class and tailored to our needs. And she made it wonderfully personal by popping by to see us, or even joining in our activities. One of the particularly special features of the holiday was the opportunity to meet and speak with so many of the local people providing our activities, helping us to form a real connection with “our” part of the Pyrenees far beyond what you’d normally manage in a week’s holiday.

Thank you Penny, in this year of all years, for creating for us not only adventures, but so many happy, shared family memories, to sustain us through what could be a long winter.

29th August 2020

Just returned from a 10 day adventure in the Pyrenees organised by the wonderful Penny. We were a bit concerned before leaving that C-19 would put a dampener on things – but not at all! Everything has been thought through and risk assessed and the activity providers were well equipped. The activities we chose were more wheel and water oriented, mountain biking, EMTB, scootering, river rafting and canyoning etc – all fantastic instructors who provided excellent equipment. Would definitely recommend and would happily book again with Penny and The Adventure Creators. Thanks Penny!

28th August 2020

Our holiday was meticulously planned by the wonderful Penny. She really knows her stuff and trusts the people she uses for all the activities.

Restaurant recommendations and ideas for things to do on our ‘days-off’ were spot on too. We didn’t have to think about a thing – just turn up and enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did – with kids from 8 to 14yrs it can be a challenge to keep everyone happy but with canyoning, horse riding, rock climbing, paragliding, white water rafting and more, everyone found something to enjoy. We had things we all did together and then some just parent and 1 child – a really good mix.

I can’t recommend the Adventure Creators and Penny more highly – she’s a total professional with a passion for the Pyrenees that shines through. So easy to get to from Jersey and so much to explore that we’ll definitely be back. I’m already thinking about our next trip for both winter and summer!

23rd August 2020

Our family of four had an amazing 5-day vacation in the Pyrenees thanks to Penny. With this being our first post-Covid trip and without speaking French ourselves, it was great to have Penny’s help creating an action-packed, yet care-free itinerary without having to worry about any of the logistics ourselves. We simply loved our BnB accommodation too. The owner was such a good cook that we ended up eating most of our dinners there, which was perfect after a long day of exploring. Highly recommend Adventure Creators!

9th August 2020

We had a fabulous holiday with the Adventure Creators! We are a family of four and had our dog with us. The build up to the holiday was dominated by the Covid pandemic and we were relieved at how well this was handled by Penny. Everything we did was fully risk-assessed and the precautions taken were more than adequate and reassuring.

Apart from that, the accommodation recommended to us was wonderful and our fun-packed itinerary was brilliant! All five of us had a great week, full of thrills and laughs. It was a family holiday which we will remember forever!

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