“We have a 13 year son and after last years holiday of sun and beach and moaning of being bored we knew we needed an active holiday….. Well here it is!” – the Hines family If you’re a family with active teens, keeping them occupied on your annual summer holiday can be quite a challenge!

It really is quite surprising just how much fun you can have in the Pyrenees mountains on a family adventure holiday with young children! Very young children can enjoy a whole range of activities in this beautiful adventure playground. Here are our top picks. Hiking with a donkey on your family adventure holiday Donkeys are

“Where your mind goes, your body will follow.” “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Eek, no, scratch that last one! I was standing on top of a huge boulder, holding hands with 9 year old Olivia on a river canyoning experience. We were trying to convince each

It’s easy to think that you have to be a hardcore cyclist to go cycling in the Pyrenees. It’s certainly true that the magnificent high-mountain cols of the Pyrenees are a big attraction for the serious road cyclist. But there are so many other cycling possibilities in the Pyrenees that will appeal to the leisure

As specialists in family multi activity adventure holidays, we know that your satisfaction with the accommodation for your stay is fundamental to the success of your trip. Over the years you’ve asked us many and varied questions relating to your holiday accommodation. These are the answers to the top 5 most frequently asked questions. Where

** UPDATE 10 APRIL – No Deal is now off the table and a long extension is looking very likely. So, for the moment, it’s business as usual! Relieved? I know we are! Hurrah! ** The ongoing Brexit shenanigans are, let’s face it, pretty pre-occupying for any British citizen. At the time of writing there

Let’s face it, a family holiday abroad can get pretty expensive. When you take into account travel, accommodation, activities and food, you can find your bank balance gets well and truly depleted! However, we’ve got some great suggestions for ways in which you can get the most bang for your buck and make that family

The Adventure Creators are delighted to announce the launch of their Adventure Champions programme Why such a programme? Here at The Adventure Creators we’re on a mission to raise the profile of the Pyrenees, a wild and relatively undiscovered mountain range that forms the natural border between France and Spain. Those of you who’ve visited

It’s a new year and it’s filled with possibilities for outdoors adventures! How exciting is that! As the current glorious weather in the Pyrenees has put us in a rather giddy state of mind, we’re starting the year off with a special offer for you. Yes, I know! Crazy, but that’s how we roll. Family

What kid doesn’t enjoy mucking about in the snow! Sledging, building snowmen, snowball fights, kids young and old love the stuff! But unless you live somewhere that enjoys regular snowy winters, snowshoeing won’t necessarily be an activity that you are familiar with. It is however an activity that is perfectly suited to families that love